"It will come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD'S house will be established
in the top of the mountains, and will be exalted above the hills; and all nations will flow unto it." 
~ Isaiah 2:2


What's a "HUB"?

A "House HUB" lets you "do" The House wherever you are...


Since The House of His Glory has been totally online since 2015, all of the services and ministries available at a traditional on-site congregation are available at HoHG through a variety of digitally-based platforms - -making it easy for anyone to worship, fellowship and grow with us any time, from anywhere with a phone or laptop and hotspot!


We've changed the digital "eChurch" into an "iChurch" lifestyle!


Whenever you worship with HoHG, your location instantly becomes a "church" location because YOU are the church!  Our church family is a collection of "House HUBs" that reapresent the primary, on-site congretation of The House of His Glory from all across the country!


Check out these three ways to be, join or lead a House HUB:


You can BE an "Individual House HUB" when you watch and worship with us from your SmartTV, Laptop or phone.  Whether you worship alone or with family, or even if you get together with friends and meet weekly your home - you are a HUB! 


There are Individual HUBs in multiple cities throughout northern and southern California; in Texas, Arkansas and sometimes Nevada, Ohio and Illinios too.  All become extensions of the Sylmar, CA onsite congregation and have equal access to the HoHG resources.


Prayer, Communion, Special Events, Teleconference Bible Study, daily

Morning Meditation, Life Support Groups and Pastoral Coaching are all available to each person or family registered as an Individual HUB.


When you JOIN your friends and neighbors at a local coffee shop, park, apartment rec-room or the break room at work to watch together from your phones, tablets or laptop - you are a HUB!


Starting a Local HUB is as easy as inviting friends and co-workers to meet you Sunday mornings at 10:30 am (PST) and worship with HoHG. And with a Hotspot on your laptop or phone you all can join us from one device.


And when you register to host a Local Hub, the whole group becomes a local extention of The House of His Glory no matter what city or state you are in and each person has access to all HoHG resources as well.


You can also LEAD a Campus HUB at a near-by Senior Living Complex, Youth Home, Homeless Shelter or Secondary Living Facility - such as sober living or a detention facility.  As a HUB Leader, HoHG will supply you with everything you need.


Depending on the type of television your chosen facility has, HoHG will set them up with the appropriate streaming device for them to worship with us through the Sermon.net App, or "Chrome-Cast" from a SmartTV.


Responsibilities as a Campus HUB Leader are simple - just check on your facility each week and be the go-between for whatever they might need from the onsite congregation at The House of His Glory.