Three Ways to "Do" The House

House HUB's:

The House of His Glory has been totally online since 2015. We incorporate all the services and ministries offered to a traditional on-site congregation into a variety of digital-based platforms, making it easy for anyone to worship, fellowship and grow with us any time, from anywhere!

We've changed the digital "eChurch" into an "iChurch" lifestyle!

You can be a member of the "iChurch 4 Life" family by starting, joining or leading a "House HUB." A House HUB is a local, home-based representation of the primary on-site congregation of The House of His Glory. Check out these three HUB options:

Individual House HUB

START a "Local House HUB" when you watch and worship with us from your SmartTV, Laptop or phone. Get together with friends and family and meet weekly your home.

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Local House HUB

JOIN your friends and neighbors at a local coffee shop, park, apartment rec-room or the break room at work to watch together from your phones, tablets or laptop.

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Campus House HUB

LEAD a Campus HUB at a near-by Senior Living Complex, Youth Home, Homeless Shelter or Secondary Living Facility. As a HUB Leader, HoHG will supply you with everything you need.

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