Three Different -AMP- Guides For Your Growth in Christ

"Anointed Life"

First Phase: Start with these seven steps and learn how to live a blessed and anointed life in Christ.

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- A -

If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you are anointed! This first AMP Growth Guide is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of growing as a Christian.

You'll learn about: Image, Blessings, Prosperity, Relationship, Purpose, Power and Wholeness

- M -

Living life as a Christian should not only be meaningful to you, but should also add meaning to every aspect of your life in this world!

After completing Phase 1, Phase 2 will teach you how to have meaningful devotion; meaningful relationships; meaningful communication; a meaningful career and a meaningful community presence.

"Deeper Meaning"

Second Phase: It is just five steps towards a meaningful and significant relationship with Christ and contribution to society.

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"Power House"

Third Phase: Follow these eight steps toward living a powerful life of influence, wisdom, wealth and more!

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- P -

God gives us power in many different forms! Sometimes power is authority, sometimes it is empowerment and sometimes we have supernatural ability!

The final phase of these AMP Growth Guides teaches all aspects of power in these eight steps: worship, wisdom, wealth, favor, forces, "dunamis," "exousia," and influence.

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