"It will come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD'S house will be established
in the top of the mountains, and will be exalted above the hills; and all nations will flow unto it." 
~ Isaiah 2:2


The House of HIs Glory is a community of believers. We believe that as we fellowship together and learrn together, we will grow closer to God and to one another; and that together we will grow stronger just like a community of buidings and houses. 


2 Corinthains 5:1 is one of the scriptures that describes Belivers as being like houses that Holy Spirit chooses to make his home.  And like a house is built from the foundation , we believe that our lives can be built the same way - and when they are, we will be more like the church from the book of Acts, and see our city changed.


That's why The House of HIs Glory is more than a place of worship - it's a home where God lives!  We value the word of God; the leadership Jesus and the presence of Holy Spirit in our lives - so that as we come together and are built as indivuduals, we build the House of God's Glory and collectively we are His Church! 




The vision of The House of His Glory is the goal that God has for the church as Christians. As we individually learn, grow and mature in our Christianity we're figuring out how to strive for and be examples of the vision in every stage of our lives.  It's the kind of vision that stays in our sight as a way of life that we are always striving to obtain.


The mission of The House of His Glory is all about what we strive to do and accomplish as a congregation. These characteristics are aspects of how we as a chruch represent God and His word in the world.  So that no matter where you live, you can represent the church mission in your own community of friends, family and circle of influence in the world. 


The teachings of The House of His Glory are a collection of five life values that make the biblical principles of Word of God easier to remember, understand and apply to every aspect of our daily lives.  These are not the "rights and wrongs" of religions, but instead we teach the characteristics of our relationship with Jesus, each other and our neighbors.



  1. HoHG was founded September 6th 2013, by Pastor Deidre with her husband Terrance Jones and a small group of family and friends.
  2. We started with Friday night services at the Sylmar Rec Center then later shared space in a Zumba studio for the first year and a half.
  3. In 2015, just when we lost the lease on the studio, ~Pastor D went to Sacramento to help serve her Bishop's church for 6-months.
  4. During that time ~Pastor D kept the HoHG in tact by learning to serve and minister completely online - and way before FB Live existed!
  5. We finally got a larger sanctuary and held our first event one month before the Pandemic that made every other church digital like us!


Deidre C. Jones, MTh.

Lead Pastor (Bio & Booking)

~Pastor Deidre Jones is the wife of Terrance C. Jones, the mother of their teenaged son Justice, and the CEO of everything else the mininistry needs! She is a total "Bible-Geek" with an anointing for preaching and teaching the Word in a way that makes deep biblical concepts easy to apply.

Pastor Jason L. Sample

Covering Bishop

Bishop Jason is the Sr. Pastor of True Life Ministries Worship Center in Sacramento, CA. He is a District Bishop for 11 COGAP and 3 non-denominational churches among No. and So. Cal.  He and his wife Yanette have 4 amazing kids: the oldest is Isaac and triplets - Jonathon, Luke & daughter Avery.

George Campbell

Advisory Board Member

George Campbell is a Founding Partner with HoHG. He is a Retired Labor Analyst for the State of CA and the former Chief Steward of St. Andrews AME in Sacramento and serves on the Advisory Board.

Lillie Campbell

Advisory Board Member

Lillie Campbell is also a Founding Partner at HoHG and attends St. Andrews AME in Sacramento. She serves on our Church Advisory Board and we affectionately call her "Mother Prophet."

Alicia L. Bell

Advisory Board Secretary

Pastor Ken and his wife founded out church years ago. He has a true heart for the lost of this city and this area. He wants to see true change in this area and will not stop until that dream is fulfilled.

Rev. Kenneth Banks

Advisory Board Member

Lisa Chen is our associate pastor and main assistant to pastor Ken. Anything that gets done around here, you can be sure that Lisa was the mastermind behind it. We are so thankful for her heart to serve the Lord.

Doretha Hayes

Prayer Leader

Steve is our youth and young adult ministry leader. His heart for young people is truly amazing, and he wants to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached in schools and campuses across this city.

LaTrenda Easton

Podcast Co-Host

Carly is our Children's Ministry Director, and has been for the past two years. Her heart for the kids of our church is truly astounding, and she has taken our children's ministry to all new heights.


If any of these phrases sound familiar then The House of His Glory might be the place for you!

I have to work on the weekends...
It's a challenge to get out to church...
I don't do church or "organized religion..."
Preachers just want your money...
I've never been to church before...
I'm not "saved" or "born again"...
There's too much politics in church...
I have to travel all the time...
I just moved to a new city...
I don't need church to love God...
Church folk are just hypocrites...
I've been hurt by church before...
Church is too condemning...
All churches are the same, no thanks...